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October 2018

Communicate with your Dog

You have to be pro active in communicating with your dog.
Don't wait for them to make a mistake or wait until it is
convenient for them. If you expect them to act a certain way or
not do something, then you must tell them. Don't assume they
will figure it out because you probably won't like how they did. If
you catch a dog before something happens then you prevent a
negative situation from arising. Think of it as a kid needing to
reach something off of the top shelf that you know and they
know they shouldn't have. Do you wait until the kid has a chair
over there to stand on to reach it or do you stop them at the first
sign of them going for the chair. So if our dog is known for
reactions on a walk, don't wait until you have a knock out drag
out fight or lunging scenario. If you see your dog start to tense
up, stare intense at something, lag behind, pull ahead, or any
other sign that their attention is any where but on you and the
walk, then correct them. The time is now, not later or after they
vocalize. Catch it early, interrupt their thoughts before they act
upon them. If you allow it, if you try to wait and see then we are
not displaying the true leadership we need to obtain with our
dogs. It is not a frame of mind like "I hope this or that doesn't
happen" it should be "I know this is whats going to happen
because I am ready and prepared". Your ability to communicate
with your dog is so important but knowing when and how is just
as important. Tell your dog what you expect from the start and
correct for any wrong doing early vs later and you will have a
successful relationship that is built on clear communication.
This applies to everything with your dog not just on a walk. Be
clear, be consistent, build a great relationship!

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