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October 2018

Are you valuable to your dog?

Dogs need structure, all of them from the most innocent dog to the
aggressive dog. They crave it, and if we don't give it they will make
their own rules. If we give dogs all the attention they ever want or
maybe even some that don't want it. Then what do they have to
work for. If we give them food, treats, and toys all throughout the
day with not making them earn it, then how do they view us as
leaders and respect us as a human (we come before dogs). They
don't need to do any of that because we are giving them all they
ever want and need for free. So when that day comes that they
need to be told no, how do you expect them to act. We have to be
valuable in our dogs eyes in order for our words to mean
something. If we tell our dog to sit 10 times with no correction and
no success, then what value does that word sit mean. They have to
be taught right and wrong, they have to learn what sit means, what
no means, what yes means. It is so simple to say all of this, but it
takes action to make it work. You are the owner, and you need to
take action with your dog, for your dog. You love your dog, that is
the easy part, but do you love them enough to say no. I get so
proud of a dog when they have a break through moment even
when its as small as learning sit, so you can imagine the joy then
when a dog learns the proper way to act in general. It is quite the
feeling for me as a trainer and owner. The dogs feel it too, they feel
our joy and our confidence in them and for them. Make them earn
your pets, love, food, treats, and freedom. How do you do that, you
put a leash on them and teach them, don't let them run free all over
your house while you are yelling, chasing, or bribing them with a
treat. Take a leash and guide them, show them, teach them. Then
once they know it, enforce it, hold them accountable and stick to it.
When you can't be responsible for them then put them in the crate.
It is a safe place for them and it helps to build structure and
routine. Don't feel bad for extra crate time, you want your dog to be
calm and well behaved in your house, so why is it not ok to have
them calm and sleeping in the crate. Hold your dogs accountable
and make sure you and your words are valuable and having
meaning to your dog.

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