Lakeside Staff

Veronica Delaforce

Joining the Lakeside family in August of 2016, Veronica has helped to ensure a safe and clean environment for all dogs in our care. At home, she loves nothing more than to spoil her own three dogs, and looks after her own small, yet ever expanding zoo, which includes a goat and a couple of reptiles. She aspires to take her experiences from Lakeside and apply them to a career in grooming and breeding. For the time, however, she's happy to help all dogs who come to Lakeside to grow and learn.

Ara (A-Rah) Ferguson

Ara has been with Lakeside since April 2017, but she was previous a client. She has worked with our training techniques for almost 2 years. She has always had a passion for animals and personally owns a small zoo ranging from multiple dogs to exotic animals such as birds and reptiles. Her passion for animals transfers to the care and training for Lakeside's canine students. Ara wants to continue her knowledge in animal care and and strives to learn new and better ways to educate every individual dog.

Savannah Thornton

Coming to Lakeside K9 in May of 2017 with prior kennel expierence, Savannah has a loving compassion for all dogs.
Shortly after beginning with Lakeside, Savannah began training under Chanda to become a trainer herself. The only thing Savannah loves more than dogs is her beautiful daughter Emalyn. Along with working here at Lakeside K9, Savannah is continuing her education and hopes to become a nurse one day.  

Olivia Teeters

Olivia has been working with us at Lakeside since July 2017. She has an avid passion for working dogs and is currently furthering her education at UNC-G while working part-time with us. She aspires to one day be a trainer and a vet.

The Bradshaws

Chanda Bradshaw

Chanda, the owner of Lakeside K9 Training Services LLC, received an Obedience Training Certification from Tarheel K9 and a Master Trainer Certification from Shiloh K9.  Her God given natural ability with dogs has made her shine in all training areas. She has 10 years of prior breeding experience and hopes to have many, many more to come! Chanda will go out of her way to make sure both the client and the puppy receives the best care absolutely possible, everytime! 

Steve Bradshaw

Steve, father to Chanda and Cody, is an avid family man, taking care of anything and everything. Steve is the go to man for all of Lakeside's needs, spear heading the initial renovation of the building and currently seeing to expansion renovations. Steve has worked tirelessly for many years to ensure his family thrives in trying times. A great debt of gratitude is owed to him, and we appreciate him more than he knows!

Caitlin Bradshaw

Caitlin started in January of 2016 with Lakeside K9. She came from Reidsville Veterinary, where she worked previously as a Veterinary Assistant! She continues her Lakeside work part time while also working with LabCorp. She uses her Lakeside knowledge daily on her own 4 dogs. Caitlin is wife to Cody Bradshaw and shares the rest of the Bradshaw family's passion for the care and love for any and all animals!

Cody Bradshaw

Cody started with Lakeside in February of 2016. Cody's prior work was with the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office where he held the position of Sergeant in the Detention Center. Cody, like Chanda, holds 10 years of prior breeding experience and looks forward to the new venture of Labradoodle breeding! Cody will be spear heading both Lakeside K9 Grooming and Lakeside Labradoodles!

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