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Feburary 2017

Here are some tips that go for any puppy or new dog that you get. I have seen it enough times to know if you "baby" the puppies they will become dogs with some really bad habits. If you think it's cute for your puppy to grab their own leash while walking and don't correct, guess what you will have 6 months from now. Yep, a dog that grabs the leash and now pulls you. If you let your puppy put their teeth on you (hands, clothes, shoes etc.) even IF they are being gentle now, if you don't correct it what will happen? Yep you'll have a bigger dog, bigger mouth, and stronger jaw doing it later. Jumping up, no big deal now, will it be when they aren't a puppy anymore. Most likely yes. Are you gathering a pattern yet, there are many other examples of puppy or new dog behaviors that continue well into adulthood if not made clear in the beginning. So just think about the end goal here, you want a well behaved, well mannered dog it starts the minute you welcome that puppy/dog in your home. Dogs need to live by rules and structure, if the humans don’t set them and live by them, then they will make their own, and most of the times they arent good choices. Another thing is the corrections you give the puppy or dog, they need to be clear. You can't say "now Fido you can't do that, that's not nice" or "No" one minute but 30 minutes later "fine you can do it this one time". They don't understand, it's always no or yes, you can't give a dog a maybe attitude. It also needs to be a consequence they believe, again don't "baby" the "no". So make sure everyone is on the same page and can be consistent. Remember you are raising dogs, not puppies or babies. If you can stick to the rules and obedience then you will have a well mannered puppy and dog for the rest of their life! Which allows for more freedom and joy for the both of you! If you need help with some of these things then call a trainer, we are here and love to help dogs become loved family members!

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