Welcome to Lakeside Labradoodles
We are a new, small breeder of miniature and medium labradoodles.  Our dogs are very pampered pets and live in our home with us or in a loving home of a Guardian.  We are not a puppy mill.  We love and respect this Labradoodle breed and as members of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) we are committed to follow the strict guidelines to keep the breed healthy and sound.

We purchased our first Labradoodle, Willsons Trout of Lakeside Labradoodles ALAA-007092 AKA "Trout", as a pet  and soon realized we had a prize on our hands.  His funny personality, easy temperment, color,  coat, and build caught the attention of seasoned doodle breeders as well as every person who met him.  He is such a fun, funny and loving dog we thought it would be a waste to not propogate his good genes and excellent health results in the labradoodle breed.  Trout is a proven stud today with many offspring frolicking around our nation!

Springville Brooke, ALAA007357 AKA "Brooke"  is our minitature ALF2 Australian "lap dog"!   She is so loving and affectionate. Always has to lay next to us to snuggle.  She is also the boss in our home. 

HowdyDoodles Zeina, ALAA007516 AKA "Zeina" is our medium size multi-gen Austrailian girl brought into our program to be Trout's "Bride".  They have proven to breed fantastic off-spring.

Lakeside Goose, ALAA016320 AKA "Goose" is the offspring of Trout and Zeina.  He will be the next stud for our program.